Never LAST. Always FIRST!

Gang is all here! 😉

These boys are a main part of my WHY but most of all… Above all my why is ME.

I am super caring, literally born to be a mom and nurture others (that’s why I’m paid $$$$ to hold babies), I am sensitive but firm as hell, I am always putting others needs before my own, I am self sacrificial like someone could ask me- do you want that last bite? “No, you can have it!” Or I forgot to buy a phone case ugh… “Um… Well you can barrow my phone case until you can buy one after work?” Sure! *Phone breaks 15 mins later*. Kind of person.

(Is it that obvious I’m a cancer? ♋️ 🦀 🙈)

When it comes to my health and my body though, my needs… it’s ME who is coming first. Dishes are last, laundry is last, cleaning the home is last, cooking a nice dinner is last, doing things for everyone else but me is LAST. From here on out…. LAST. One more time, Cath…. It’s LAST! Fuck the dishes! Can’t stand them lol

I am useless to everyone around me if I am not putting myself first. Women especially need to stop spreading themselves so thin and stop leaving themselves not even an inch to do something for their well being. It’s a shame society has told us we literally need to do it ALL but people forget that women work 9-5 now and then go home to even more WORK that needs to be done, women are bread winners now too, we aren’t sitting around and even when we are, we actually aren’t cause our minds never stop, their always going and something else always needs tending too. Literally, my husband complained about the dishes the other night and I only work 4 hours less than he does a week…… so I’m confused who said the dishes were my job forever until the day I die? You know? It’s because I’m a female and that’s what he grew up thinking was “the way”. Their automatically made to be my responsibility just because I have a vagina but it’s not his fault though either that he thinks this way, that’s all he knows but now…… I’m letting him KNOW the deal and I am setting my BOUNDARIES with him because I refuse to be the only person with this job for the rest of my life just because I was born a girl lol Im not getting punished for being born as a strong asf woman. 

I also feel the need to remind everyone that this isn’t back in the day anymore…. the old dudes from the 60s let their wives stay home full time to do such things but times are a changin! We work fucking hard and I’m not going to ever allow that to go unnoticed. You shouldn’t either!

Just wanna say I’m worrying about me and it’s insane how much I love and care for those around me that if I only loved and cared for myself half as much as I do for others , hell….. I would be UNSTOPPABLE. So that’s the goal.




So my boundaries are set and you better bet, I’m sticking to them. Not even swaying and I hope if you are relating at all to this that you reflect and set some healthy boundaries for yourself as well. You deserve to be cared for the way you care for others and who better to do that for you than YOURSELF.

I love these two cute guys in the picture though and Im glad I have the support I do. I’m really lucky. Just thinking about how hard it was for me to check myself like this and then imagining how hard it is for women to do the same thing but don’t have that support or maybe they have more on their plate like having little ones to care for. Its all tough but if you try just a little each day to carve out that self care and self love time for your over all well being, you will be better for it. You will be better for not only yourself but better for those around you, better over all.

We all deserve to put our well beings first and set healthy boundaries so we are mentally and emotionally taken care of. That is our responsibility to ourselves. Love and nourish your mind, bodies, and souls.

Who else will be able to do that for YOU if you aren’t even doing that for yourself?

Just remember…

You are first. Never ever last again. You are what you ALLOW so set those BOUNDARIES. You aren’t taking nobodies SHIT.

Published by

Catt Bradley

Welcome. My name is Catt Bradley and I am a 26 year old living in the city of brotherly love. I married my college sweetheart and we have a pup named Bear (absolutely obsessed with him). We are going through so many different seasons right now in our lives and making huge financial as well as life changing decisions. There for I feel its a perfect time to start documenting our one of a kind journey with the hopes to encourage, motivate, inspire, and to show that anything can happen with faith, hardworking, kindness, and an ABUNDANCE OF LOVE.

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