Home is wherever I’m with you…

For my first blog post I really thought I was going to drop a truth “bomb” and post one of my blogs that I had written weeks ago that’s been sitting in my notes… but not today though. Seems like that “bomb” is going to have to be dropped at a later time because well I have to talk about today and what Im feeling this very moment.

Today, I am feeling a bit of defeat. Real estate is hard especially when you are in a sellers market and you are the buyer. We lucked out to be on the other side a few months ago when we sold our last property that we flipped, we did so well but that’s because we were the sellers but this time around it is very different! The first time we ever purchased we were in a buyers market and like we legit made out like BANDITS I tell you… bought the house for literally nothing and sold it for $75k more than what we purchased it for. Now here we are… buyers again but swimming in a pool we don’t wanna be in!

My husband, Brendan and I have been searching for our next house for 3 months now and we have submitted three different offers on three different houses that were thousands over asking but we keep coming up short and being out bid. It has been rough to say the least because when Brendan and I find a house we feel good about and start getting all the feels about the property while we are taking a tour, we get so INSPIRED by all the possibilities that we could do with the space. Our hearts start beating a little faster, we look at each other like “hun are you thinking what I’m thinking?”. We start feeling like this is for us, we start picturing ourselves living there, and bringing a baby home there, and we see a good investment $$$. We just know it truly could be ours and we loved it so much that we felt like we would keep it for ourselves for our family, and then buy another house to flip as well on the side. We get the offer in ASAP so we don’t loose any time then shortly after we submit our offer we get the dreaded call from our realtor, “Im sorry but someone out bid you guys and are a full cash offer so the sellers selected their offer. We will keep looking!”. Ugh, your heart just sinks to your stomach because we really saw ourselves making the house our home and then its gone before you could even try.

Then the days to follow you almost grieve the loss of the house… You say well its a sign from God and something will come along that’s even better. Then you say well f*ck I really loved that house and could see ourselves there lol You see the bright side but then you’re slapped in the face with the loss and what could have been. We will keep looking and one will come when we aren’t even expecting it. It always works out because why wouldn’t it? We pray on it, and we give all our stress to God and he will take care of us. We will keep working hard and allow opportunities to come our way and TAKE THEM. Then things start falling into place and we let it. Everything will be ok.

I was thinking last night while in bed next to my hubby just laying with my arm on his chest (big hairy chest LOL obsessed with his manliness) and feeling his heart beat. Nothing else matters, No matter where we go as long as we are together everything will be alright. I could literally live in a card board box with this man, and I will be grateful for him and his health and for his love. Where ever we end up next…

Home is wherever I’m with you, handsome…

Published by

Catt Bradley

Welcome. My name is Catt Bradley and I am a 26 year old living in the city of brotherly love. I married my college sweetheart and we have a pup named Bear (absolutely obsessed with him). We are going through so many different seasons right now in our lives and making huge financial as well as life changing decisions. There for I feel its a perfect time to start documenting our one of a kind journey with the hopes to encourage, motivate, inspire, and to show that anything can happen with faith, hardworking, kindness, and an ABUNDANCE OF LOVE.

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